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Thinking in New Ways
Media and Financial Communications: Communications is a process, not a single event. And working with the media, financial reporters and financial analysts requires perseverance, experience and knowing how they think. We've been there. We've done that. Click here for a related case study.
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Reaching Beyond the Scope
Media Training: In two days you will be addressing a room full of reporters and you've never done that before. How do you keep your composure, make your point and not get eaten alive? We can train you in that skill. Click here for a related case study.
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Stepping Outside the Boundaries
Social Media: It's all the rage -- everybody says you must be on Facebook, you must have a blog and you must Twitter. But how will these tools, as enticing as they are, help your business?  Will they grow your bottom line?  What is the ROI?  Or is the benefit something less tangible? We can help your company find the right approach to social media. Click here for a related case study.
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Extraordinary Solutions
Message Development and Speechwriting: How do you take complicated, technical and legal issues and talk about them in English? How do you take the jargon and boredom out of a speech? Your audience will only remember one or two key points. We can help you figure out what they should be. Click here for a related case study.
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Unconventional Wisdom
Reputation Management: There probably isn't enough money in the world to even approach the value of your company's reputation and brand name. They are everything. What can you, as the CEO, do to insure your reputation is protected, your brand is untarnished and your credibility unshakable? Click here for a related case study.
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Exceeding Expectations
  Crisis Communications: Hope for the best, but plan for the worse. The most important thing you can do to manage a crisis is to prepare for it in advance. We can help you develop a strategy for anticipating crises, think through the eventualities, and create a functional crisis manual and plan. Click here for a related case study.

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